This is my new friend! He is very tall! We are marshmallow friends. I like him!

Thank you! [Twirls in pink dress!] Is this him?

insane-old-once-ler asked: "Pleasure to meet you Marie! My name is Once-ler..." *The old man smiled beneath the scarf like object covering his face* "How do you do?"

I am good! I am reading a book. It has really nice pictures of trees and plants and other things. [Holds up the red book in her hands] How are you? 

I’m Marie! I am three!

The green suit guy is kind of funny. I see him eating marshmallows all the time. He likes to hum.

This one is Ted’s grammy! She’s really nice and gives the best best best hugs! (She once bought me my favourite ice cream - shhh, it’s a secret from my mum)

ask-ted asked: Hey, Marie! How is that tree you're planting? You're watering and caring for it like I said you would, right?

ask-watchman-onceler asked: Hah, well, your mom's pretty smart, then. But don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you!